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she’s bobby pins on the bathroom floor, strands of hair tangled between bed sheets. she’s scraped up knees and chipped fingernails. she’s brown eyes and velvet lashes, smacked lips and tied tongues. she’s baby faced and too smart for her own good. she’s hiding in the shadows of your heart, watching from afar, she’s not the girl you made your star. she’s thumbs against your cheeks, wiping away tears cried for someone else. she’s swallowed words and hidden feelings, silent nods and fake smiles. she’s watched you come alive while she’s lied down and died. she’s been there, she’s always been there. she’s the girl you’ll start to love when it’s too late.

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You will be out with friends when the news of her existence will be accidentally spilled all over your bar stool. Respond calmly as if it wa...
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I will remember the kisses our lips raw with love and how you gave me everything you had and how I offered you what was left of me, a...
Do not fall in love With people like me. people like me will love you so hard that you turn into stone into a statue where people come to ma...
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