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you look for her in ways that are more than
just a keyboard click. you walk down busy
streets, sit on packed buses, and find parts
of her in a stranger’s face. it could be her
cheekbones, her long fingers, the hair you
once felt brush upon your cheek. every piece
helps you stay reminded, helps put together
the picture puzzle you’ll carry with you while
you fall into sleep. you’ll dream of her every
other night, and you’ll wake up and hate
yourself for missing her. the girl you love
now, she can feel a hunt every time you look
at her. and you can only ever stare because she
has the same almond shaped eyes. lips that
follow the flow of a, m. and the girl you love
now, she knows. she knows you’re still seeing
blue eyed beauty when you’re looking at her.
but she can’t help, i can’t help, to hope that my
brown eyes carry a different kind of beauty.
a hope you’ll fall in love with what’s in front
of you, instead of what you let behind.

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