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1:38 AM
I’m thinking about an apology that I never got and probably never will get. Your indifference is costing me sleep

1:40 AM
I think I hate you now more than I ever have. God.

1:41 AM
I probably hate myself more than you, though. Waiting for you for so long. Letting myself hope that maybe we were growing back together. I’m an idiot

1:42 AM
I’m thinking about what I would say to you if I saw you right now. Would I even be able to look you in the eye? I can’t take those eyes

1:43 AM
I bet I’m not the only one that likes your eyes

1:44 AM
You make me feel so inadequate and I hate that but what I hate more is that you have this overwhelming effect on me. I’m absolutely pathetic

1:45 AM
I’m just a stupid girl

1:46 AM
Why am I thinking about you at this time of night? Why am I even thinking about you at all?

1:47 AM
You’re definitely not thinking about me. Or dreaming about me, if you’re asleep. Which you probably are not. I know you, and you don’t sleep

1:48 AM
Yet another night for you to ruin for me. GET OUT OF MY HEAD

1:49 AM
I’m so tired but I can’t sleep. I’m tired of you and I’m tired of thinking about you

1:50 AM
How do you live with yourself?

1:51 AM
I’m not even 100% sure if I hate you. Maybe I don’t. You make things so complicated and you mess with my mind and it’s so damn frustrating

1:52 AM
For a few hours, I thought things might be okay. I thought things might stay okay. I’m not okay with you anymore

1:53 AM
The thing is, I should be done with you. Why do I care what you do? Why do I care what you act like? I shouldn’t

1:54 AM
I just put myself back together and now you’ve come back to shatter me again. You don’t even want me. You want me to want you

1:55 AM
I should sleep. Mother will be angry

1:56 AM
You should sleep too. You should just give everything a rest.

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1:38 AM I’m thinking about an apology that I never got and probably never will get. Your indifference is costing me sleep 1:40 AM I think I...
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