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love relationship coffee writing poetry poem

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love relationship coffee writing poetry poem
Love is when you see them at their lowest, darkest, times and you still think their light shines.
Maybe 10 years from now we’ll meet again at a coffee shop down the road and start over.
In the winter He’ll walk you home With his hands in the pockets Of his coat While you shiver And he’ll tell you He’s sorry...
To my sweet daughter, If you ever begin to wonder if he is the one, ask yourself: Does his laughter warm your body from the inside out? He...
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It’s very difficult To feel loved By someone You had To beg To stay.
We don’t always have control over our own lives now, do we?
I am alive because of you. Perhaps you didn’t Save my life, But you gave me A reason to Save myself.
You were my world, Until you found another planet
But the thing is, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in love with someone (or how long you haven’t been in love with s...