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I would not survive you a second time.

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Word List: Alternatives to "Whisper"
Instead of whispered, consider: murmured mumbled muttered breathed sighed hissed mouthed uttered intoned susurrated purred said in an undertone gasped hinted said low said into someone’s ear said softly said under one’s breath said in hushed tones insinuated
I’m a leaky roof, sometimes the water spills in, but so too does light.
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I see Egypt in her eyes and Sudan in her skin I see Somalia in her face and Zimbabwe in her waist I see the Congo in her thighs and Ghana in her hips I see Senegal in her hair and Nigeria in her lips I see Rwanda in her walk and Kenya in her dance I see Uganda in her grace and Liberia in her sm...
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A poem begins with a lump in the throat.
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I Once Dated A Writer and
Writers are forgetful, but they remember everything. They forget appointments and anniversaries, but remember what you wore, how you smelled, on your first date… They remember every story you’ve ever told them - like ever, but forget what you’ve just said. They don’t remember to water the plants or...