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I thought I was over you…

I lied

Did you ever miss me, at all?

Why her?

Was I not good enough for you. What does she have that I don’t. Did you see me the way I see myself. Is she mentally stable. I bet she is. Oh god I’m shaking. I’m sorry for being such a mess. Enough to make you leave.

I loved it when you called me your world. I wonder if she does too.

Everything hurts right now and I can’t take it I don’t know what to do anymore.

Remember all the future plans we made? I wonder if you’re making the same with her.

I told my friends I was over you. I lied.

This is stupid I’m sorry.

I love you but you love her. Why?

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I lost myselfsomewhere betweenthe first kissand the momentyou called mebeautiful.  I found myselfon your bed,wrapped in your arms,peppered with kisses. I left myselfin your carthe last timeyou took mehome.
I Once Dated A Writer and
Writers are forgetful, but they remember everything. They forget appointments and anniversaries, but remember what you wore, how you smelled, on your first date… They remember every story you’ve ever told them - like ever, but forget what you’ve just said. They don’t remember to water the plants or...
Do not kiss him
Do not kiss him because he is broken,he will not save you.When you cannot sleepbecause you have been thinking of himdo not text him, call him, look at his Facebook –get up, take a walk, smoke a cigarette, live.He is not your everything, he is brokenand broken people are selfish.He cannot save you,re...
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You would always whisper, “God doesn’t need us,” but your mouth tasted like holy wine, skin like the paper-thin wafers...
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Do not fall in love With people like me. people like me will love you so hard that you turn into stone into a statue where people come to ma...
you never reallyknow someoneuntil you’ve readwhat they writeat 3 am whenlonelinessconsumes thembut does not destroy them
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