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In the winter
He’ll walk you home
With his hands in the pockets
Of his coat
While you shiver
And he’ll tell you
He’s sorry
But things aren’t working out.

In the spring
He’ll whisper into the breeze
He made a mistake
And the birth of the flowers
Always reminds him
How he loves you
And he’s sorry
He left you alone in the cold.

You’ll forgive him.

In the summer
He’ll take turns with the sun
In kissing your neck
And you’ll laugh and forget
What tears taste like
And he’ll tell you
He’d be mad
To ever leave you

And in the autumn
He’ll hold you
As you sit by the fire
And he complains
About the fading light
And the fading warmth and
He’s sorry
The sunshine couldn’t last.

In winter
He’ll leave again
And in spring
He’ll be back.

A fair-weather lover
Comes and goes with the wind
Loves like a storm
And leaves just as quickly.

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In the winter He’ll walk you home With his hands in the pockets Of his coat While you shiver And he’ll tell you He’s sorry...
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