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My love for you was so quiet. It hung back,
in the white noise of my heartbeats; it climbed
in the guest bedroom window;

it stepped up behind me and
tapped me on the shoulder, so gentle.
My love for you was nothing like you were–

bright and brash and bigger than any room
you ever stepped into. We fell into kissing,
a little clumsy, a little cocksure,

and it was nothing like fireworks.
Kissing you was like coming home after
leaving the door unlocked, and finding

everything exactly where I left it.

Kissing you was like never leaving home at all.
My love was so gentle, so soft, so open-armed,
that it didn’t ache–not even a little–

that we never finished what we started.
So you didn’t love me back
and I didn’t mind it.

Because I carried a love like swing sets in sunlight,
and you rocked my whole world
just by being a part of it.

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My love for you was so quiet. It hung back, in the white noise of my heartbeats; it climbed in the guest bedroom window; it stepped up behi...
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1k friends F.R.I.E.N.D.S chandler bing gif* Monica Geller mine* mondler friends* otp: still on london time THIS WAS REALLY PAINFUL TO MAKE OK ITS SORTA SAD AND SWEET AT THE SAME TIME???
* arden cho teen wolf cast twedit actual angel
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Captain America Steve Rogers headcanon bucky barnes fic meta The First Avenger I have no idea how to tag this stucky Steve/Bucky steve and bucky mcu meta anna does meta anna writes things i just really love bucky barnes bucky barnes is the best
* teen titans starfire Cyborg troq Cystar teentitansedit i loooooove them so much i love how they constantly support each other on these kind of issues because both of them are ostracized because of how they look and there's this layer of understanding and support between them i also love how starfire doesn't want to bother robin because she doesn't think her feelings are as important as the mission and cyborg reaffirms that this issue isn't going to be postponed because she. is. important. and the small smile at the end!!! like starfire realizing that something she had previously been suffering in silence with concerns her friends too and they are just loving and compassionate and understanding this was such a nice sensitive way to handle racism i like how the focus is not on changing Val-Yor's feelings but recognizing that he is Not. Important. and to surround yourself with people who love and support you instead
gifs* Pride and Prejudice mine* Oscar Isaac JUST IMAGINE! come on! austenedit papedit perioddramaedit i'm sorry but i'm very proud of it may i describe every scene i've imagined? ok the second gif is that scene when we met darcy and everyone is in love with him until they find he's proud and so look how proud he looks the third and the 4th are obviously darcy writing his letter to elizabeth and he's angry angry with himself for what he made with bingley and now not only his friend is unhappy because him but also he may have ruined his chances and of course angry with wickham that lil' piece of shit the 5th is darcy reflecting before going to longbourn with bingley and the 6th when elizabeth accepts his second proposal and he's statical for a second but my favorite is the 7th where darcy can't do a conversation oscar would be perfect as darcy and this is something that needs to happen he can make himself have a serious and severe appearance but actually he has puppy eyes he's a puppy person god made him to be darcy and once i'm dreaming may i request george blagden as bingley? for we all know he's a sweet and smiling person his cute face falling in love for a jane i'm going to implode! please someone make my dreams to come true
MY EDIT hannibal lecter mads mikkelsen hugh dancy will graham nbc hannibal hannibaledit hannibal spoilers egh i need a shower so many scenes from this gifset make me uncofortable and it really feels like will is  forcing hismelf back to his rapist's hands just to lure him play him and beat him in his own game had to  make this because aaaah will talking about fishing like he's the ultimate strategist and predator out there   BECAUSE HE IS will talking about things with passion focus and dedication (like when he discovered peter's  mental dysfunction just by watching him) AND BASICALLY WILL GRAHAM MAJOR PLAYER IN TOWN i made this because i neeeded this reminder out there IT'S NOT YOUR GAME THEY ARE PLAYING HANNI you are being pushed and nudged since the beginnig of this season you may create your own diversion and distractions BUT THEY FORCED YOU TOA CT THEY LURED YOU OUT OF YOUR HOLE yep that bit about biting HEHE DON'T TALK TO ME ABOUT MATTHEW BEING THE MAJOR GAME CHANGER THIS SEASON if matthew didn't become will's hands in threatening hannibal's life RIPPER WOULD CONTINUE TO PLAY HIS HIDE AND SEEK poking will behind the bars matthew's act forced ripper to act and ended with will's freedom MATTHEW BROWN IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SIDECHARACTER OF THIS SEASON AND THAT'S A LAW BYE so yep IT'S NOT YOUR GAME YOU GODDAMN DOUCHEBAG and watching you smirk in pride adn smugness eugh i just need a punchline in that face of yours i need it now checkmate with bars closing on you and goddamn death sentence because mister fuller loves to bend the canon and we need this