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Camp Lo  Uptown Saturday Night
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this is it camp lo Luchini it's not summer without this

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Camp Lo  Uptown Saturday Night
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This is getting OUT OF HAND. (And I love it.)
I don't really know what this is it is what it is but hey not really surprised carmilla carmilla karnstein natasha negovanlis laura hollis elise bauman and I don't know if it's any good given that the video quality is less than great and I'm a lot less than good in photoshop two months without posting and what brings me back is a lesbian vampire
:) gifs disney frozen kp Princess Anna Disneyedit disney frozen queen elsa kpfilm frozenedit GIFs:Frozen just found this quote and i think it's lovely for this gifset
gif true story Valentine's Day Mamrie Hart valentine's day card valentine's day cards september 2 2011 basically there are very few rules on this blog the first one is probably the fact that this is a grace blog i believe every single post i've made here has grace in it without exception i've always regretted not posting the gif set of mamrie dancing to vanilla ice on this blog the second rule is probably no reblogs to here (so that's why i haven't just reblogged that post to here from my personal blog) anyway mamrie definitely deserves a pass so i'm just going to post this here this time this gif is about a year old as usual i was making the gif late at night because i couldn't sleep if you know about these sort of gifs where you cut out the person from a video you'd know that it takes a really long time to do so i got about an hour into it and then was finally tired enough to sleep the next day was valentine's day/camp takota's release so i didn't finish this/publish post because i was busy downloading/watching/making gifs for camp takota instead a few days later i finished this gif but by then it was too late to post so i've kept it in my drafts the reason why it's 540 px wide instead of 500 px like it would've been for last year is because i've kept the original psd so i just resized it now (my hoarding pays off!) oh you can see the gifs i made for last year by looking at my /tagged/valentine's-day those are popping up in my activity page right now so i figure it's about time to post this one
so romantic free! rin matsuoka haruka nanase free! iwatobi swim club RinHaru free! edits Free! Eternal summer tehRisa makes FREE! ES whether you ship it or not this is basically free! in a nutshell it's literally everytime they reunite rinharuweek
I know that it’s wrong, but I really, desperately, truly, and deeply, want Castiel to choose humanity, to excise his grace, fall, become, mortal, and then I want him to tell Dean, and I want to watch Dean’s face collapse into a thousand tiny pieces, even though he tries to look happy, ev...
i was bored idk mine* =/ hannibal will graham and sick this is the result nbc hannibal hannibaledit hannibalmine never sure about the 'I'm in...' thing I'm just not sure... sometimes I think it's with the 'I'm in' sometimes I think it's without it
1k sherlock john watson bbc sherlock gif: sherlock a study in pink just Unaired Pilot otp: lost without my blogger why didn't they include this in asip tell me one fucking reason why in asip it's like watson doesn't know what to say and is stunned by sherlock (which he is anyway) but it's not fair idk i think the pilot's version is so watson-y it seems like a thing he'd definitely say and putting the gayness aside - this is a brilliant scene ok also wtf is wrong with tumblr's new upload system jfc
Todo el mundo tiene que superar su primer amor, es un paso a la madurez.
does your brain ever just produce disturbingly violent thoughts out of nowherelike terrible, horrible, thoughtsfor no reason at alland then you snap out of it and you’re likeĀ i don’t want to kill my momwhat the fuck