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* Luke Pasqualino tv shows D* Luke Pasqualino tv shows D
* Luke Pasqualino tv shows D* Luke Pasqualino tv shows D

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kurt hummel glee tv: glee mine: gif character: kurt hummel remember when kurt was just that gay kid that was too ashamed and scared to come out and gave up solos for his father because he loved him more than being a star and would do anything for him and had no friends and was bullied every day look how strong and brave and kind and amazing he is and always has been i just wow look at the friends he has the things he's done and achieved the love he's found holy fuck i am proud of kurt hummel
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a brief summary: battlefield
castle Mine: Castle my graphics [5] tv: castle6 ship: castle x beckett [4] lol this took entirely too long but i wanted to do something big before always aired i tried to get some parallels in there [not just the b/w gifs] but the coloured ones next to each other so HAVE FUN FINDING THEM W/E spiraling blog '12 LOL TOMORROW
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mine 3 Sokka Avatar: the last airbender okay jet i was like i just love him so much Lake Laogai they were so otp and my icon okay so an hour ago i was hit in the face with jet feels and i haven't talked about him in a while which used to always be jet changed to zuko it's sort of like i betrayed my bby? yeah so changed it to a jet icon again and also this scene jet just spits out that mouthgrass heartbreaking tbh i was rewatching sozin's comet and at the end with the kataang kiss well at least i still have jet/mouthgrass and then i watched this scene and he SPITS IT OUT
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gif exo exo m Luhan xiumin xiuhan luhan probably thinks he's the most hilarious person in the world he is also an obsessed freak can't say i blame him tho bc i'd be all over them buns if i had the chance this took me like 7 hours to make jesus christ i should have taken my adhd meds