• m chibita osomatsu san i rlly liked tht one pic lmao karamatsumatsunos •
m chibita osomatsu san i rlly liked tht one pic lmao

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gif sky not my art i liked tht sayin so i edited it when i was bored
One Direction liam payne mine today show queued most likely wont get any notes on this but I really liked this pic of him so yeah
Alex Turner i love this picture of alex so much from the age of the understatement booklet its a rlly small pic
green flowers myedit nature Windows plants i rll y rlly like this one aw
LOL rock posts ocean san moss Fran
mine oops rlly liked this edit even though I just put a filter and some words
the 1975 matty healy my sun and moon and stars all tht mtterz 4 bl lmao
5h gif* fifth harmony normani kordei normani* sorry for that one rlly rlly dark gif
1k 2k game of thrones daenerys targaryen gotedit gotdaenerystargaryen THROWBACK TO WHEN I WAS EMOTIONAL OVER CGI DRAGONS LMAO I HAVE NO LIFE ((does this colouring work????)) ((i dont rlly like it tbh))
louis tomlinson One Direction pop edit i;m going to kms please stoeptpo actual fetus
dick grayson Nightwing under the red hood batman: under the red hood gifs: batman: under the red hood uhmm so i just rlly liked him in this movie and and FEEEEELINGS please i can't i was gonna do some more but photoshop closed and my coloring and txt got lost and im lazy