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  • Pretty Please:My Character must grant favours of anyone who asks. So long as they say please. 1hr
  • I Do:My Character will be married to the character of the Anon’s choosing. 12hrs
  • Right by your side:Muse must confess to one of their exes that they still want them.
  • Secrets:Muse must tell a secret about themselves every time someone asked them a question.
  • Haunted:Muse thinks everyone is out to get them,anyone they meet and everyone they talk to they think is after them or going to kill them.
  • I hate everything about you:Has the urge to kiss all the people they hate.
  • It wasn’t me:Muse has to tell lies for the next (anon decides) So,everything they say from this time on is a lie.
  • Strip:Muse has the urge to strip every time someone asks them a question
  • ...
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Muse swap M!A list!
Calling in sick - the muse is sick, and another character/muse must fill in for them. Old times - muse is replaced for by a young version of one of their parents. Man the canons- if the muse is an OC, they’re replaced by a canon character. If they’re canon, they’re replaced by an OC. Grave encounter...
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