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made by me Sebastian Stan

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made by me Sebastian Stan
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Captain America Chris Evans Steve Rogers made by me (3) bucky barnes Sebastian Stan hayley atwell Captain America: The First Avenger peggy carter sigh this quote always breaks my heart tbh also i haven't made anything new in ages
Captain America Chris Evans Steve Rogers bucky barnes Sebastian Stan I don't even care The Winter Soldier MY BRAND marveledit capedit this advertising still means so much to me
1k my gifs 5k bucky barnes Sebastian Stan winter soldier Captain America: The Winter Soldier i made this with screencaps be proud of me
by me Sebastian Stan *1k *500 favcelebmeme *stan
“are you ever going to get over sebastian stan”
1k mystuff Sebastian Stan G1 i dont know why i made this sebstanedit tonysassy buchanian btw if any of u want me to tag u in any seb stan stuff i post let me know uwu
1k my gifs Sebastian Stan sebstanedit gtkmm marvelcastedit my sweet love wow something i made im actually ok with
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