• when ur friend upset: mads mikkelsen feel better friend luvkurai you put up a post about being upset and it inspired this manip turn that sads into mads this man is my lifeblood send this to ur crush nd u will definitely potentially get laid trust me i am deffo a doctur mean-cannibals •

when ur friend upset:

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when ur friend upset:
:( hannibal mads mikkelsen i don't know how to tag this hannibaledit nbchannibal crack? comic? this is a silly post but I'm just super frustrated that both Hannibal and Mads didn't get any nominations. comic crack emmy sucks!
mygifs hannibal hannibal lecter by request mads mikkelsen hannibalfashion at least i think this is the outfit anon was talking about but you know what's weird? i only noticed when i was making this he wears this outfit when he sees franklyn then when he goes to see bedelia he changes into a different suit then later when he sees will HE CHANGES BACK INTO THIS SUIT AND LIKE I MEAN THIS EXACT OUTFIT HE UNSLICKS HIS HAIR TOO no wonder people were coming up with theories that bedelia might not be real OKAY I'VE DECIDED THIS IS PURPLE GODDAMN IT PHOTOSHOP YOU'VE TURNED ME COLOURBLIND
mine lolz hannibal hannibal lecter mads mikkelsen hugh dancy tumblr posts hannibal nbc will graham hannigram alana bloom freddie lounds hannibal crack will's dogs I love freddie fyi it was the last one that made me do this cause I'm trash will is pretty
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my gif 1k yeah hannibal mads mikkelsen hugh dancy kacey rohl hannibal edit hannibal todd i'm really funny guys shut up hopefully i make a lot more of these because i like this a lot and it makes me happy JACK IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE PRIEST BTW I DUNNO IF YOU GUYS GOT THAT BUT THAT'S THE POINT and will is the poet....
REQUESTED: Hannibal and Will Gallery Scene (No background mu...
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MY EDIT hannibal lecter mads mikkelsen hugh dancy will graham nbc hannibal hannibaledit hannibal spoilers egh i need a shower so many scenes from this gifset make me uncofortable and it really feels like will is  forcing hismelf back to his rapist's hands just to lure him play him and beat him in his own game had to  make this because aaaah will talking about fishing like he's the ultimate strategist and predator out there   BECAUSE HE IS will talking about things with passion focus and dedication (like when he discovered peter's  mental dysfunction just by watching him) AND BASICALLY WILL GRAHAM MAJOR PLAYER IN TOWN i made this because i neeeded this reminder out there IT'S NOT YOUR GAME THEY ARE PLAYING HANNI you are being pushed and nudged since the beginnig of this season you may create your own diversion and distractions BUT THEY FORCED YOU TOA CT THEY LURED YOU OUT OF YOUR HOLE yep that bit about biting HEHE DON'T TALK TO ME ABOUT MATTHEW BEING THE MAJOR GAME CHANGER THIS SEASON if matthew didn't become will's hands in threatening hannibal's life RIPPER WOULD CONTINUE TO PLAY HIS HIDE AND SEEK poking will behind the bars matthew's act forced ripper to act and ended with will's freedom MATTHEW BROWN IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SIDECHARACTER OF THIS SEASON AND THAT'S A LAW BYE so yep IT'S NOT YOUR GAME YOU GODDAMN DOUCHEBAG and watching you smirk in pride adn smugness eugh i just need a punchline in that face of yours i need it now checkmate with bars closing on you and goddamn death sentence because mister fuller loves to bend the canon and we need this
spoilers season 3 hannibal hannibal lecter mads mikkelsen 307 hannibal spoilers hannibal season 3 digestivo this is my gif to you i have nothing but love for both mads and hugh in this episode they both brought it all the actors did
Teen Wolf stiles stilinski derek hale Sterek *tw *au twedit haleinski otp: what am I supposed to do with him? simplystiles SLAVERY CW araya calavera abusive language cw triggering language cw idk man just tagging all the triggers idk if i'll continue this verse but obviously stiles is not a bad person in this and he's totally new to all of this since his family is strictly anti slavery and his best friend is a werewolf in hiding he just saw derek there bruised and bloody and beaten and miserable and felt like he had to get him out so he scrapes all his money together and buys derek to give him a safe place he can call home and he totally fakes his bravado and douchebaggery in front of araya cause all the slave owners he knows are massive douchebags and he thinks she won't believe him if he doesn't pretend to be an awful human being he just didn't consider derek might hear him and now obviously derek doesn't trust or believe him and stiles kinda wants to hit himself and promises to himself he'll make this right and show derek he can trust him and then all kinds of problems arise obviously and stiles probably joins a party that wants to abolish slavery bc slavery is super fucked up and psa yes i am aware that this gifset is problematic it's supposed to be yeah this is vaguely inspired by 'not as described'
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