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Real magic does not create something impossible; it emphasizes possibilities. Real magic is, above all else, ‘real’. It is super-natural, but it is no way un-natural.

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22 Domestic Witch Tips, Charms, and Omens
This is a list of tid-bits that I find useful in aiding the Domestic Witch in creating a comfortably witchy home.1. Spray a bit of perfume, drops of essential oils, or room spray on light bulbs to make a room smell fresh and add a magickal aura according to the sent you’ve chosen.  Make sure you do ...
Witch Respect
I respect the solitary witches who blaze your own trails, walk your own paths, and listen to your own gods. It can be a lonely, yet rewarding, life. It is not for the faint of heart. From the solitary we can all learn self-reliance and how to listen to our intuition. I respect the witch who chooses ...
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I found some books on Witchcraft spells and herbs but I didnt have the money so here’s the free PDF files! Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews Encyclopedia of Herbs The Witch’s Master Grimoire ~ Avilynn
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