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makeup Racism 10k 15k 20k natalie MAC Cosmetics microaggressions 25k colorism long post clapback bad service black twitter nochillatall nattstacks ghanian princess


I don’t really like MAC foundation but the studio fix fluid one is pretty decent and my fav one from them.

Soo I use to have NW45 but I was pretty sure I was a little lighter than NW45 more like a NW43 or NW44.

So I’m testing them out and then this rude Becky makeup artist comes over. Full of attitude but I ignored it bcus I wasn’t trying to get thrown out of MAC again…

So she was like “um is there something you need”


Bitch don’t play with me…. So I’m looking at Becky and she’s looking at me and I’m just like you know what Natalie calm down.

So I’m like “actually I’m trying to purchase a new foundation bcus NW45 isn’t my shade it looks a little dark” and she laughs.

Heffa what’s funny???


So Becky proceeds to laugh and was like “you need NW45.” I said no… I just color matched it. It’s too dark. At this point she’s rolling her eyes and I can’t even believe the disrespect. So we get into it.

I end up going off on her bcus she’s being rude, rolling her eyes and decided she was going to bump me… Chile you don’t know me.

So I told the heffa just get me NW43 and ring me up. She mumbles something under her breath and I heard “bitch”


So I’m at the counter like “hunny repeat yourself” and she’s like “I didn’t even say nothin moe.” Becky please.

I was sitting there fuming. Ready to come across the counter. Ready to catch this case bcus Becky was trying my patience.

So me being the stupid fool I am. I didn’t watch her get my foundation and watch her put it in the bag. I was so angry I just wanted to pay and gtf out before I slapped someone. So she rung me up and threw my bag…. Yes threw my bag.

So I’m like you know what bitch… Let me go. I payed and left. So as I’m driving home I’m still mad as hell. I get home still mad.

I sit on my bed and open the bag and guess what color foundation this hoe gave me?




This bitch gave me NW58….

I’m in my room going tf off! THOSE WHO KNOW MAKEUP KNOW NW58 is dark! I’m darkskin but I’m not no damn NW58.

So I’m just like this white bitch really tried me. I have half a mind to go back up there right now and drag her.


Sooo I’m just thinking I know this bitch didn’t really try me. I’ve been lowkey sick all day so I took a nap woke up looked at the bottle.


At this point I’m mad as shit. Like the ghetto DC girl stereotype is just fuming out of my pores bitch. This white hoe tried my life.

So I call up there and guess who answers the phone?


So I’m like you’re the one who sold me NW58 when I asked for NW43. Shawdy laughing like shit in the background…

My mother and I on the phone with her bcus we are the same person .. And I’m like I’m not sure why you did what you did but let me speak to the manager … This heffa still laughing. She hangs up.

So my mom is over here more mad than I am. Y'all that know my mama know she doesn’t play. She’s over here going off in twi (African tingz).

She calls back and Becky is still the one on the phone. My mom said and I quote “be ready to meet me tomorrow afternoon bcus we have a problem.” Becky still laughing and said “okay the fuck.” lmao MAC get your workers bcus this is not ok.

So now tomorrow is about to be judgment day bcus my nigga this was not ok.

NW44 v NW58:


I’m not sure who pissed in this MAC artist coffee today but it wasn’t me. Now she has a problem on her hands and I’ll do my best to get her fired. She is a fool.

Let me not forget to mention her coworkers were standing there not saying a thing. Not checking this bitch on her actions. Just standing.


See look… If you’re going to flex like you bad at the store and on the phone Becky. Why are you shaking like a stripper when we walk in.

Let me go ahead and continue the story. So around 11 am I called to complain about what had happened the previous day to the manager of the store and she was very surprised to hear that one of the people at the store would act a fool. Bitch I’m not surprised its mf Mac.

So at first this woman tried to downplay the situation and make it seem like i was over exaggerating the story. Look I don’t have the time to make up a story hoe, so I told her “you have cameras… why don’t you watch and see her throw the bag and bump me in the store.”

My mother just cuts her off and is like is the woman who works at the store coming in today and the manager said yes she will be in shortly.

In my head I’m like yes time for this hoe to get that ass checked. So we hang up and I’m getting dressed to go over.


We pull up and just being at the store makes me want to go across the counter and jump ole girl… But no I’m a child of God I calm down. 

The first person we see out working the floor was Becky. When I tell you this shawdy didn’t even speak. She knew what was about to go down.

Matter fact she took that ass to the back. You can’t hide hoe. It’s time to get your ass checked. You wasn’t hiding when you bumped me.

DAAAAMMMN SURE WASNT HIDING WHEN YOU THREW THAT MF BAG… Typing this has me hot. I’m beating the hell out of my screen rn.

So my mother being the loud mouth she is was like “THAT MUST BE HER.” I was like sure is. So another Mac artist approached me and was like “Hello hunny how may I help you” See this is how you talk to a customer hoe. You don’t disrespect them. Woooo lawd let me finish.

Anyways she asked how she can help me. I explain to her the incident and she is looking so very appalled. Becky peeping from the check out.

By this time two other Mac artists have come over. Two that were there yesterday and one who asked asked to assist me today and they all looking mad as hell. The woman looks at me then looks at Becky like


So the male worker was like “yes Tasha this happened. I was standing there” In my head I’m thinking nigga you was standing there but what the hell did you do to stop her? Now carry on. Go beat someone’s face. Go round up my free makeup. You have no place in this convo pooh. 

So the nice lady said… Let me call my manager she isn’t in yet but she will be here shortly, I’ll tell her to get here quickly bcus this is important. I was like yes Tasha bitch handle this pooh. You better handle it bitch.

So I’m just standing by the lipstick and I can peep Tasha talking to Becky bcus Becky looks scared and she’s over there slamming things at the cash register. lmfao.

Now hoe that’s too bad. Had you gave me my NW43 we wouldn’t even be in this damn predicament. Mtchew kwasia ba. 

So I hear Becky tell nice little Tasha that she gave me the right foundation ….


So Tasha calls me over and was like let me see your bag she pulls out the foundation and opens it. Her face is like


She says politely “you gave her the wrong foundation this is definitely not her color this is way too dark” Becky gonna say “she asked for it.”


So my mom comes over with a NW58 tester and dabs it on my face and my mom was like “why would she ask for NW58 honey that’s too dark." 

Becky: "UM I DONT KNOW BUT THATS WHAT SHE ASKED FOR.” Look…My mom will drag someone’s child she doesn’t care that’s the African mom in her.

Why is this hoe raising her voice????? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? 

So the nosey male makeup artist gets Becky and escorts her to the back. Rightfully so bcus my mom was looking ready to drag her ass from friendship heights all the way to Georgetown. She needed to check her attitude.

Mind you there are other customers in the store looking at this hoe act a fool. Coming up to my mom asking her if she is alright. By this time we have a group of people ready to fight this woman for us (You know how nosey black people are. One person’s problem becomes everyones.) 

The manager finally shows and I’m like hallelujah bcus I just want my MAC foundation and some free samples for my emotional distress pooh. 

So she asked me what did I need and I explained to her how I was the one who called about the problem and the managers face looks so angry. 

She’s asked Tasha where Becky was and she told her quietly she was in the back and she told us to hold on a second.

THIS RIGHT HERE… Is when it all went down y'all. I was laughing like shit bcus someone was about to get their ass handed to them.

So the manager gets Becky and asked us all to step outside the store so we do and I start explaining in detail the story and what happened. 

Not missing a beat. Telling every little piece and crevice of the story so Becky wouldn’t get off. The manager is looking pissedddddddddddd.

So Becky starts getting red. Shawdy has tears coming down her face a little bit and I’m looking at her like…


Not about to sugarcoat a damn thing hunny. You gonna lose this job today.

So after I’m done telling what happened Becky doesn’t apologize … She doesn’t own up to anything… She lies.

Which my mother told me she probably would do. But see cameras don’t lie. How funny is it that on their security cameras you can clearly see her bump me and throw the bag but let me not spoil the end so yea she lies and I’m sitting here looking at this hoe like please stop.

At this point she has worked me up. I remained calm the whole time we’ve been there today and she wants to lie. I don’t tolerate disrespect. 

So I just tell her “hey you need to own up to what you have done and apologize. If you would have simply apologized would I have dragged it this far? No I wouldn’t have” bitch I’m lying I still would have. But I wouldn’t have had to make her look this damn dumb. 

She then leads into something that had no correlation to the topic. “Nobody at this Mac likes me bcus I am white” I swear on my mother she said this fuckery. 

Now what the hell? Am I suppose to feel bad bcus you can’t bask in white privilege at the MAC store? This is your job. 


So at this point we all are just looking at her in black girl confusion as she goes off on this synopsis of how she’s white working at MAC.

I had to cut her off bcus I don’t have time for the bs. One of my best friends is white and works a Sephora with mainly black artist and she Is not rude nor does she complain like a little bitch about being white in a predominately white store. Please stop don’t do it bitch don’t. 

So I tell her that i feel disrespected and that I want nothing to do with her and I will still be contacting corporate on the issue either way. She crying bcus she knows her job is about good as gone. You’d think she’d start apologizing and showing sincere sympathy. Nope. 

So I tell the manager I would just like to exchange my foundation and be out. I don’t have time to argue with this hoe anymore.

She says ok.She tells Becky to stay outside & that she will be out there shortly meaning bitch you about to be fired.


I walk back in and the manager tells me she will compensate me as in give me store credit to purchase something else as well as exchange my foundation I’m like


I end up walking out of there with foundation, FIX + spray and three lipsticks and not on my dime bitch.

Thanks to the manager. She was so sweet. Bcus she knew if she did anything less a clapback would be in session on her ass as well.

So I thank Tasha the nice MUA, flip my Diana Ross inspired weave in the face of the nosey male MUA and giggled as I walked pass crying Becky.

Now this is not my first go around with MAC. They have terrible customer service. How dare you let people who work for you treat customers poorly. And I know I’m not the only one who has experienced a problem with a MAC MUA. They need to start checking their workers before somebody worse than my mother and I comes and drags that ass.


@NATTSTACKS’ original Twitter post

M.A.C Cosmetics NW43

M.A.C Cosmetics NW58 

M.A.C Cosmetics customer service contacts

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