• martin freeman i'm sorry I'm so sorry no what am i saying i'm not sorry at all hahahahahahahahaha *rage altairs •
martin freeman imartin freeman i
martin freeman imartin freeman i

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martin freeman i'm sorry I'm so sorry no what am i saying i'm not sorry at all hahahahahahahahaha *rage
Dear Mommy and Daddy, I'm sorry i turned out to be such a big disappointment, i'm sorry i fail at ev...
Martin Freeman? One for you. Andrew Scott? One for you, Andrew Scott, YOU GO, Andrew Scott! And. Ugh. Stephen Moffat? Do we have a Stephen Moffat here? It’s Steven. Oh Steven! Here you go, one for you. And none for Benedict Cumberbatch. BYE!
  • Doctor Who Fandom:You know who we need for Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary?
  • Doctor Who Fandom:All the characters since 2005.
* NTAs i have no idea what i' m doing i'm sorry so sorry actually i'm tagging it with my graphics tag and cackling about it a lot
spoilers martin freeman Benedict Cumberbatch Reichenbach afrogeekgoddess anarmydoctor skyremains idratherbereading pati79 I'M REALLY SORRY. TRULY I AM
sherlock martin freeman my stuff john watson hedgehog but it had to be done martin freeman is a hedgehog and i'm not even sorry sherlock crack spent 3 hours on turning martin into a hedgehog that's what i've done okay i sort of am
I'M NOT SORRY 3.18 Stiles Teen Wolf stiles stilinski derek hale Sterek hobrien riddles I'm really not sorry
  • guard:oh here come the faggots
  • guard:why are they so skinny
  • guard:do not jump into the crowd i don't want to grab your crack
  • guard:why are there 12 year old girls throwing bras on the stage
  • guard:what am i doing with my life
Hockey Chicago Blackhawks jonathan toews I'm so sorry i'm a terrible person but come on I gif what I want what I really really want this was a terrible moment no I'm not tagging this myHawks
they didn’t sing half a heart, something great or does he know how dare they make the same mistakes as last time
gifs sherlock martin freeman john watson 1000 SherlockEdit i had to do this i'm sorry