• Masterlist of one shots, fanfics, smuts, etc. masterlist harry styles smut niall horan smut zayn malik smut louis tomlinson smut Liam Payne smut so so so so so sorry if you're on your mobile and have to scroll through this alllllllllllllllllllllllll twistofpayne •

Masterlist of one shots, fanfics, smuts, etc.

Hi there, this is a compilation of all my One Direction-related writing, like 70+ one shots and 4 fanfics. Dare I say anthology? Is that too pretentious? It’s too pretentious. Sorry.

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If you’re on your computer, my navi page is a little more organized.

Newest works are in bold.

Everything is NSFW unless otherwise indicated. Proceed with caution.



Actual reactions of One Direction being generally disturbed by my writing.*

One Shots 






One-Shot Series


Some Place To Hide [Harry disappears from the Take Me Home tour and reappears on a tiny island in North America]

Professor Styles [Eva Scarlett gets more than she bargained for with the new English professor]

The Scarlett Letters [the sequel to Professor Styles]

Modest Encounters [1D hires a companion for the Take Me Home tour; cowritten with Briellestyles]

Torn Apart [Superhero 1D adventure]

*not really. I’d die.

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TMH Tour - Louis and Harry - The Smut Edition (Pt. 1)
My original plan was to wait until the UK/Ireland leg of the tour is over, but. Louis and Harry happened and this post has consumed me as it is. Now onto the Larry guide to love, sex and happiness! (And by ‘love, sex and happiness’ I mean sex.) Let’s start off with Louis changing...
reblog if you're here to write.
I’m here to enjoy my passion which is writing. Whether it’s smut, violence, romance, fluff, crack, whatever. It’s all storytelling. Smut isn’t always a means to an end — sometimes it lends to a story. But the point is — write what makes you happy, but do not  judg...
friendly reminder that harry styles masturbates
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Smutty Resources.
So under the cut is basically a whole big masterlist of resources, guides etc. that all have to do with smut. None of these are mine, but if you need any specific tips just hit me up and I will gladly help you out! If this helped, like this post or even reblog! I hope you enjoy this masterlist. Als...
I wonder what kind of Larry smut Harry reads when he comes on tumblr
I can read the filthiest smut with the straightest fucking face you’ve ever seen in your life.