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so i recently reached 2k which is absolutely amazing (i sound so blasé but literally i screamed for about an hour after i hit it) so i thought i’d do something nice for my followers. i’m not sure if any of you actually noticed, but i had most of this up as a page on my blog - so i’ve edited it a bit and here you go! (thank you again for my 2000 followers - I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH) -hayley x



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Background Scenery Masterpost
A masterpost of pretty background images I had saved somewhere.  More images + sources under the cut! Note: I tried to make sure to properly source each image. If I did not correctly source a certain image and/or you happen to own a particular image and would like it to be removed, please message me...
Here is a masterpost with a ton of background masterposts! I do not own any of these backgrounds credits go to the owner! Enjoy! (favorites for each category are bolded)  Gradients x x Tiles x x x  (pokemon) x x x x Scenery x x x x x x x x x x Everything (gradients, tiles and scenery) x x x x x x x ...
Origins of Rooster Teeth
Tower of Pimps I’m going cakeless  Achievement City MAAAARK NUUUUUT FISH Xray & Vav Flynt Coal Mogar Team Lads/Gents Acheivement Hunter Ray RIP in peace Gavin Rage Quit Ryan AH LP RT Podcast I’M STILL IN THE AIR Team Lads Action New Team Ahwu Edgar No way In, no way out I’ll punch a bee. I don’t...
Makeup and Beauty: Basic Cosplay Makeup 1 Basic Cosplay Makeup 2 Basic Cosplay Makeup for Male Characters 1 Basic Cosplay Makeup for Male Characters 2 How to Apply False Eyelashes All About Fake Eyelashes: Tips, Tricks, Tutorial Painless Way of Removing Facial Hair Sugar Scrub Shaving Technique 9 D...
Obligatory 'Still Into You' Masterpost
aka If you were anymore love sick Harry I’d send you to a doctor 
So theres a ton of update tabs out there and i decided i try to find as many original ones i could and make a post as like a one stop shop kinda thing ya feel. anyways i have listen what the updates tab looks like and the tutorial where you can find it(aka the original maker of the updates tab) if t...
A Somewhat Useful Masterpost for Writers
Websites for Critique: AuthonomyIt’s been a while since I used this website in particular, but it’s useful for helpful critique and to get your original works out there. If your book get on the top five list at the end of the month Harper Collins will read it for possible publication. Te...
Writing Masterpost
Character Help MBTI Personality Test MBTI Personality Descriptions 123 Character Flaws Character Trait Cheat Sheet List of Personality Traits Character Virtues And Vices Underused Personalities 7 Rules For Picking Names Character Names Character Name Resources Surnames Masterpost Types of Voice Show...
Hey, Tumblr! You want anime that...
Has Powerful Leading Ladies - Saiunkoku Monogatari  (AMAZING politician lady please watch this) Rose of Versailles  Red Garden 12 Kingdoms Skip Beat Basara Fate/Zero Jormungand Hataraki Man Kemono no Souja Erin Revolutionary Girl Utena Black Lagoon Has Main Characters With Dark Skin - Turn A Gundam ...
Download links
it took a long, long time to find all this links so please, like or credit to @faithdls on twitter if you’re using or saving any of this links. enjoy!   Download photoshop photoshop cs1 photoshop cs2 photoshop cs3 photoshop cs4 photoshop cs5 How to install photoshop download the photoshop (x) extrac...
Masterpost: Sehun's pre-debut.
> 90 pictures ~ Other pre-debut pictures of Sehun, that were taken during Kai’s high school graduation ceremony, can be found here. QUESTIONABLE PICTURES: Other members’ pre-debut masterp...
Harry’s mouth is catastrophic and I really don’t understand why he’s the one always staring at lips while people talk because they should be staring at his: The Masterpost  Alternatively titled: “I want him to go down on me for so long that he has to evolve gills"  i ...