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Matchmaker (draft 9/17)
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a song about realizing that sometimes you’re put into people’s lives for a reason.. a reason that’s all part of the bigger picture and a reason that’s bigger than just YOU… and you may have selfish feelings at first, but you have to know when to move on from them and just be happy on your own.

verse I i dont wanna be cupid again don’t wanna be just a friend i know it sounds selfish but its just how i feel not trying to be called the matchmaker i introduce then he takes her i’m just being honest and i’m keeping it real pre I don’t wanna know, say it ain’t so cuz i loved her first, but thats ok cuz at the end of the day chorus i gotta to learn to be just me gotta learn to smile and be happy gotta know when its meant to be and when its not i gotta learn to let you go you know you cant choose who you fall for gotta know when this is meant to be and i know now, its not for you and me verse II so maybe its not so bad seeing her with her new man just want her to live her life the way that she feels maybe its ok i played cupid otherwise i’d be stupid to keep her from the one she was destined to meet pre II now i wanna know, how theyre doin tho dont care if i loved her first, cuz thats ok, cuz at the end of the day

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