• math puns i'm so sick of horoscope memes so i had to math it stereotypedebunker •
  • sin(pi/6):1/2
  • sin(pi/4):1/sqrt(2)
  • sin(pi/3):sqrt(3)/2
  • sin(pi/2):1
  • sin(pi):0
  • sin(3pi/2):-1
  • sin(2pi):0

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What makes 29 year olds better than 28 year olds? Their still in their prime.
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So, my Calculus professor DID say it was ok to put notes on a single-sided 8 1/2 by 11" inch piece o...
…which I cut in half…and turned into a Mobius strip…so TECHNICALLY its still only one side, right?
love Black and White sad God i love you please <3 yes need you yeah so much say + i need you math maybe simple ? I know can't help it simple math me plus you me without you i've said that we're meant to be me + you me - you
100 breakfastcn bootypoets i connect with this so much tbh i had this teacher 2 yrs ago she didnt know how to teach im scared someone from my school will find me form this post but this is golden
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edit 1000+ dara so instead of studying for my math exam i do this...
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