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mathematics calculus topology math major problems

When people ask me how I can be a math major and still say I’m not good with numbers, I’m like ‘here, let me draw you a picture.’

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mathematics calculus topology math major problems
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I want a t-shirt that says “I’m a strong, independent English major and I don’t need no math”
I think it would be cool to force a chick to have sex with me–but I would never rape someone.
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Using the chain rule is like peeling an onion. You have to deal with every layer at a time and if it’s too big you’ll start crying.
plus C
The scores on your last exam were fantastic! I never had a midterm average as high as 43% before!
I ? mathematics
Some days ago I noticed a brilliant bumper sticker, saying "I ? topology" where the heart was replaced by a topologically homeomorphic disk (?). Amused by the idea, I tried to work out some related versions for other mathematical subjects. Here they are: For geometry, the obvious choice was a cardio...
Please don’t just sit there like a vacant little catastrophe if you don’t understand this.
There, easy as pi. The constant that is, not the pastry. The pastry can be very difficult.