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Me about basically every book I read:

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Me about basically every book I read:
Chapters ending in cliffhangers are the reason most of us don’t have a normal sleeping pattern. 
  • Me:*reading*
  • Me:wait. what.
  • Me:what the hell
  • Me:Book...no.
  • Me:NO, book. NO!
  • Me:*sobbing*
  • Me:whyyyyyy
  • Me:*throws book*
  • ...
Slow books
Anyone who writes a series of books where the order in which the books are read matters should be legally obligated to give some indication as to the order of said books.
Having extensive knowledge on books you’ve never read because of tumblr
Don’t judge a book by its cover, HA, more like buy the same book four times because they keep coming out with prettier and prettier covers. 
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“Did you buy new books again??”
I have a problem with taking my book with me everywhere even if there is no way I’ll get reading done. 3 am trip to the grocery store? Bring the book along! 2 minute trip to pick up pizza? Bring the book along! I think I just feel better having it with me.
You start reading and daylight streams through your window. You raise your eyes from your book, after what it feels like 10 minutes and it’s night out. That’s how you know it’s a good book.
Me: recommends favourite book to a friendFriend: starts reading, is one page inMe: SO DO YOU LOVE IT?