• me check out my dorm this city is 2 much qdu •
me check out my dorm this city is 2 much

Goth girl gets lost in nyc

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me check out my dorm this city is 2 much
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my gifs MY EDIT tom hiddleston TH Adam this is great hiddlestoners Only Lovers Left Alive hiddlesedit twh ollaedit my dorm wifi is out not like I have shit due or anything
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gifs* my graphics oh also in the flesh kieren walker rick macy inthefleshedit simon monroe itf* bill macy just kill me this show is 2 much 4 me
I have this problem where I’m interested in everything and really love to learn but I have like 1% drive to actually do anything about that so I just sit inside and cry about television shows
call me maybe Carly Rae Jepsen tri kent state ksu go flashes
i hate that time @ night when ur dash starts slowing down to the point where you keep reaching posts you’ve already passed and keep refreshing every 5 minutes in an endless cycle of repetitive bullshit
** yay Lee Minho City Hunter Park Min Young Lee Yoon Sung kim nana dramas really not satisfied with the bottom edit but i've wasted too much time on this already so there u go also this turned out to be really....random...and not really fittin the quote but yk....whatever fun times with marie editing city hunter and having 2 to go through painful scenes again 2 get caps and quotes otp: why did it have to be you