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me illectra shoutout to auni's kitchen

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me illectra shoutout to auni's kitchen
Shoutout to mentally ill people who are dealing with side effects of psychiatric drugs. You are all strong and amazing and I hope that the bad symptoms will go away soon and your medication will have a good effect on your mental health and really help you in the long term. Also I love every single o...
Shoutout to the people who: -have symptoms that aren’t visible to others -are able to function even while in extreme pain -hide their illness well -who don’t “seem sick” -who have flareups at night or other times when no one else sees -fight a daily battle that others ...
Shout out to everyone that has been eating healthy and working out lately: Shout out to everyone (including me) that has been falling into old, bad habits and gaining weight back: Shout out to everyone (including me) that is sick of it and determined to get back on track: Shout out to everyone (i...
shoutout to skinny people who
- don’t feel comfortable in their bodies - are frequently asked if they are anorexic/bulimic by friends/family/strangers - frequently have to accept and respond to “i wish i was as skinny as you” without knowing how - have eating disorders, including binging ones - are males that f...
1k gifs mine 5h fifth harmony THIS IS A WEEK LATE shoutout to mary 5harmosexual for helping me go follow her
me Shia LaBeouf is life tbh
people who randomly decide to compliment you are so important
Shoutout to the actual nice people on tumblr. Positive vibes
me thefitally