• Have you ever been too nice and ended up in a situation that could’ve been avoided if you just... me issues or is it just me? thetattedstoner •

Have you ever been too nice and ended up in a situation that could’ve been avoided if you just would’ve been an ass hole??

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  • me reading:this character is going to die. isn't he.
  • the author:
  • me reading:I can't care about this character. I can't care about him as much as I want to because he's going to die
  • the author:
  • me reading:I can tell you're writing him like he's going to die, author
  • the author:
  • me reading:I'm not falling for this.
  • the author:
  • ...
the worst is when it’s late at night and some hilarious thing comes up on your dash but you can’t laugh or you’ll wake everyone up so you just smile demonically while rocking back and forth clapping like an excited seal heaving air into your lungs until your face hurts
Some character deaths matter and they hurt and you cry but they make sense  But there are some character deaths where YOU’RE JUST ANGRY LIKE WAS THAT ACTUALLY NECESSARY WHY DID YOU DO THAT YOU COULD’VE GONE SOMEWHERE WITH THAT ANYWHERE ELSE BUT KILLING THEM 
We all have that one mutual follower we try to impress with every post
2009 dan and 2013 dan are like two different people I mean how is this guy also this guy
tom hiddleston Thor loki caps gfx* is it just me or are these getting worse
Is it just me or like
does it sound kind of suspicious that Andrew Hussie is making a “Homestuck game”  and the day it comes out we are all gonna get it in the mail and start playing it butit all sounds so familiar 
do you ever see the same post on your dash by two different people right next to each other and you have this mental war with yourself about who you should reblog it from 
Is it just me, or...
So am I the only one who finds the homestuck update kind of tragic? I mean, after the changes we’ve seen in John after these three years, just seeing him open his eyes and being so fucking ANGRY… You can’t help but feel this in file sense of pity, remorse even. I...
1k Demi Lovato mine quote edit demi lovato quote I'm addicted to borders
exo jongin chanyeol kaiyeol chankai or is it just me Ask In A Box kimkai plgifs parkchan ...................................... but i'm so mad why is it only 360p
Is it just me or are all exo fanboys just hot
like seriously, there’s Kris’s fanboy  then there’s the president of the exo fanboy club in korea and then Lay’s fanboy why are they all so good looking AND WHERE CAN I FIND ONE FOR MYSELF