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me sorry sorry sorry

Last photo of my cut I promise

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i’m sorry but every time i see this post i just
british awkwardness
guys, do you ever feel we British have quite odd specific problems about tea and strangers like serious disappointments GENERAL SHAME i have done this more than once and america they don’t get it why are you so polite are you mocking me and apologising all the time I swear I aplogogised...
me sorry sorry sorry
Illustration art anxiety comic sorry guilt sorry for being sorry
me 5k enpdv2 sorry not sorry
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm sorry
Sorry not sorry
depressed alone dead inside dead sorry not good enough hate myself self hatred I'm Not Okay not okay I'm so sorry im sorry not enough depressing quotes i hate me the truth hurts IM A MESS im nothing sorry for everything sorry for existing i am trash
depression suicidal self hate sorry worthless i hate myself save me i hate everything I'm so sorry im sorry im stupid i ruin everything depressing thoughts
she wears short skirts. i also wear short skirts. we all wear short skirts because we are sailor scouts and in the name of the moon i will punish you
ed sheeran give me love owlseeyouthere soRRY SORRY SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG I was having technical difficulties :///
Perfect couples don’t exis-