• Come here. Crawl into my bed in nothing but your underwear and a oversized shirt. Let me hold you. I... me thoughts cuddles late night thoughts the-moons-soul •

Come here. Crawl into my bed in nothing but your underwear and a oversized shirt. Let me hold you. I’m craving to find out what your skin feels like when it’s against mine. Talk to me until you fall asleep, and when you close your eyes and start to doze, I will kiss your forehead gently and softly brush your hair back away from your face. Fall asleep with your head on my chest, so you can listen to my heartbeat. Come here, and let me show you what is feels like to be wanted.

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Does anyone ever get that feeling in your chest like when something sad happens like you can physically feel the pain and you feel your throat becoming thick and your words get caught and you cant really talk and you feel like crying but you cant and it just hurts
I think OTPs are subconsciously what we want in relationships
People are so vulnerable at night. They’re willing to spill out their souls to anyone willing to listen. They have desires to do things that never cross their mind when the sun is in the sky.
do you ever feel yourself being annoying or antisocial but you just cant stop
have you ever touched your face and realized your hand is feeling your face but at the same time your face is feeling your hand
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You actually don’t even have to introduce yourself if you don’t want to, i don’t need an a/s/l, we don’t have to do the “hey whats up” “not much you?” thing, you can just say “so at school yesterday this idiot said…” in my ask box and...
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i want to meet my favorite celebrity and then fight a mountain troll with them because then we’d have to be friends because there are some experiences you can’t share with someone without ending up friends and knocking out a mountain troll is one of them