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you are, you are

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I opened a secret Facebook group dedicated to finding a third pronoun in Hebrew that will serve people who don’t feel comfortable with man and/or woman pronouns. This task is extra hard in hebrew because all verbs are either in man or woman form so I want as many hebrew speakers who could use ...
Ind. as a Gender Neutral Title?
I am a genderless identifying individual. I’ve always strongly disliked titles such as ma’am and sir. Sadly, these gender-appointing titles are so commonly used and abused in daily life that it’s hard to escape them. On my quest to find an English gender-neutral title, I discovered M., Mx. and a sma...
Nonbinary people: You are real. You exist. You matter. You are not alone. Please never forget any of this.
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my gender is VAST and COSMIC and NEBULOUS and UNCHARTED and you expect me to check “m” or “f” ???
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Google+ is introducing “infinite” ways to define gender, letting users describe themselves using whichever terms they feel comfortable with rather than relying on the...
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Hey guys this is a petition to get non-binary genders legally recognized and that would be really rad so here It needs a lot more signatures so you should sign it
The other petition to legally recognize non-binary people failed to reach its goal but there’s another one started that ends in April. Please, please, please sign it.