• its so weird that popular kids in my school have tumblrs like excuse you losers only me tumblr ok yes is it just me dudewheresmytaco •

its so weird that popular kids in my school have tumblrs

like excuse you

losers only

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its so weird that popular kids in my school have tumblrs like excuse you losers only
* Spoiler castle Target 5x15 yes giffing alexis cause this is beautiful and because feels was this episode 10mins long or is it just me
my gifs made by me supernatural castiel Misha Collins Free To Be You and me OK CAS OK CAS OK OK OK  OKCCASKOKOKCASOKCAOKCOKASCCASOK click on each gif for captions i didn't include in the pics just because this had to be done even though it definitely has been done 2984798374 times a full photoset of CAS PLS
naya rivera $ ok the fourth one was annoying me but the one i replaced it with is annoying me too having to crop around the proactiv logo sucks and it won't let me replace with gifs over 1mb k tumblr
1k mine klaine kurt hummel blaine anderson soulmates 5x01 OF COURSE IT IS gs* 5x01 proposal g9* the caption ends with a question mark so tumblr lets me check the 'let people answer this' box and it makes me giggle the answer is yes tumblr
some nights i stay up staring at my laptop some nights i dont sleep at all some nights im glad that my dash is never ending some nights i wish i could log off
that one ship you ship on that show you’ve never watched
Yes it’s me. Yes this really is my tumblr. Yes I’...
gifs queue Sokka A:TLA atla suki Avatar: the last airbender mai legend of korra the legend of korra jet june ty lee tlok equalists longshot The Lieutenant ok here we go tags ok to clear some things up!! sorry if i left out any of your faves~*~* seriously if i did it's probably because of lack of gif-ing material!! also yess boomerang is also one of sokka's weapons but idk it was hard to find boomerang gif-ing material yes ty lee's is supposed to represent chi and june's is a whip this took a while so i ended up losing steam like starting at june and the lieutenant's is just plain embarrassing but omg making this made me realize how much i ship the lieutenant/amon so otp~*~*
Yes I am going to be that person and do a post entitled "things that Harry Styles has had more chemi...
a Canon camera a flower a microphone a sealion Ed Sheeran his own hands his boys Liam Payne’s massaging mitts [+] a bag of nuts Niall Horan’s tongue [+] more nuts (insert obligatory Harry loves nuts joke here) possible lesbian mums random ass fans in the crowd some silver ...
me eroticwishes
louis tomlinson One Direction GIF3 misc bw vevo lift what of it yes I'm gifing everything (don't hate me ok)