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Ever see a crazy-long, indecipherable reblog chain on your dashboard? Not ideal, right?Starting tomorrow, reblogs will have a new look—one that showcases all comments as equals, not buried under an impossible stack of blockquote indents. Our change to reblog captions last month laid the necessary gr...
Everything Okay?
If you or someone you know is suffering from an eating disorder, self harm, or suicidal thoughts, please visit our Counseling & Prevention Resources page for a list of services that may be able to help.
An open letter to tumblr @staff / @support about the 10/29/2015 update:Dear @staff / @support,I know you must have spent time and money to implement this recent update that changes tracked tags to search, and I appreciate your attempts to improve this website. However, these recent changes are not u...
A “Sent” folder. A notification when someone answers your ask.
An Open Letter to David Karp
To David Karp and all of those who work under the Support Staff: You are all misogynist, racist, homophobic trash—every single one of you. And David? Yeah, you, David Karp. You need to make some changes. 1.) You and your support team allow people to racially harass people of color. You do th...
Okay so from what I can tell, this is Tumblr’s situation right now.About Messaging:Messaging is out, but only to a handful of people. Those people then must message another person in order for the other person to get messaging. Like some kind of flu or some shit, and no one is vaccinated.However, on...
Do Not Post or Reblog Blacklists with Spam Urls
Hello, due to work and life in general, I have been away for a while. But I recieved a handful of emails from some personal friends of mine who have noticed a disturbing trend that is happening as of right now.Tumblr is terminating any blog that posts or even reblogged a blacklist or a single post t...
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trying to communicate w ur mutuals without replies like 
look tumblr started a line for skincare products 
SILENCE THE DASH STOP blogging STOP posting new stuff STOP your queue (drop it to 1) DON’T MAKE NEW SETS TO THE NEW DIMENSIONS