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Y'all asking these dumb questions but I’m giving you these real answers

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ME!ME!ME! me! me! me!
that moment when you realize that you’re in love with so many famous people or fictional characters that you wonder if your heart could love a ordinary person
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hug me kiss me tease me love me touch me tickle me
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me retan porque me abrigo, me retan porque me desabrigo, me retan porque como, me retan porque no co...
gif ME!ME!ME!
  • 1:Name
  • 2:Age
  • 3:3 Fears
  • 4:3 things I love
  • 5:My best friend
  • 6:How tall am I
  • 7:What/Who do I miss
  • 8:What time was I born
  • ...
Assumption Game
Send me assumptions you make about me and ill answer true/false x