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meditation communicate with your spirit guide spirit quide


?How to meditate properly to connect with your spirit guide?

To begin with a prayer where you ask for safety and direction. Taking long slow deep breaths will slow your heart beat and let yourself draw further away.
With each breath, allow yourself to float away sensing all the tension released from your body, which leaves you feeling totally relaxed and peaceful and your mind totally calm.

With a mental picture of yourself, colour in a gold shimmering aura of powerful energy to surround your body letting it grow and become stronger with each breath you exhale and releasing all of those negatives thoughts.

Then allow the thought that you would like to make contact with your spiritual guide meeting them in a place that you find safe and peaceful.

Formulate in your mind how you think your spiritual guide would appear and pose a few questions to them. Their response may not be immediate and may well take a few days to trickle down from your subconscious into your conscious mind.

As you gently awaken, keep in mind to say your farewells and to thank your spiritual guides for helping and spending time with you.

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meditation communicate with your spirit guide spirit quide
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