• Send me a ? and I will generate a number (1-35) for what my muse will say to yours (winter/holiday r... meme Askbox meme RP meme roleplay meme roleplay-memes •

Send me a ? and I will generate a number (1-35) for what my muse will say to yours (winter/holiday related).

  1. All I want for Christmas is you.
  2. Any New Year’s resolutions?
  3. At least pretend you like the gift.
  4. Did you light the menorah?
  5. Do you have a New Year’s kiss?
  6. Do you know the real meaning of Christmas?
  7. Happy New Year!
  8. Happy Thanksgiving, _____!
  9. Here’s my Christmas list; items numbered one through ten are my top picks.
  10. I didn’t know you celebrate Hanukkah.
  11. I don’t celebrate Christmas.
  12. I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.
  13. I got you the best gift.
  14. I hate Christmas.
  15. I hate the cold.
  16. I have plans for Thanksgiving; I’m serving food at a homeless shelter.
  17. I’ll be home for Christmas.
  18. Is that a dreidel? Why do you have a dreidel?
  19. It’s Christmas time!
  20. It’s cold outside.
  21. It’s snowing!
  22. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
  23. Let’s watch a Christmas movie.
  24. Look, we’re under the mistletoe.
  25. Merry Christmas, _____!
  26. My New Year’s resolution is to make you fall for me by the end of the year.
  27. Please come home for Christmas.
  28. Thanksgiving is American, therefore I have no reason to celebrate.
  29. That is the ugliest sweater.
  30. There’s a food drive I’m working at.
  31. What do you want for Christmas?
  32. Will you kiss me at midnight?
  33. You belong on the naughty list.
  34. You belong on the nice list.
  35. You won’t be home for Christmas?

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