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  • 웃 - for a hug
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  • ¡ - for an order
  • ✍ - for a letter
  • ¿ - for a random thought
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  • ✉ - for a confession
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30 Days of Character Development!
HEY RPERS, what if I started a meme. It’s a simple meme. You answer one question every day for thirty days, and by the end of it, you hopefully learn even more about your character and become a better roleplayer because of it! 8Dc  Y’all should totes spread this around. Here’s the ...
The most in-depth 30 day character development meme you'll ever find.
Because I wanted to see something that really got into the nitty gritty details of a character. I tried to organize it into sections and equalize the amount of writing you’d be doing each day, but obviously that’s going to vary from character to character. Good luck, and may the force be...
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