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Memory Meme

Past experiences help shape who we are currently, how we see the world. Send in a symbol and I’ll write a drabble of one of my muse’s memories. 

- a childhood memory

- a fading memory

? - a vivid memory

- a repressed memory

- an eye-opening memory

- a memory that involves romance/love

- a memory of death/loss

- a memory of their mother

- a memory of their father

- a memory of their sibling(s)

- a memory of a relative

- a memory that may or may not have happened

- a memory of something paranormal

- a sexual memory

- a friend/best friend memory

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My muse has just awakened from a coma and cannot remember anything about their life prior to their c...
Put "Knock Knock" in my ask
I’ll use a random number generator and respond to… 1. My character walking in on yours naked. 2. My character walking in on yours on the toilet. 3. My character walking in on yours having a tea party with stuffed animals. 4. My character walking in on yours in the shower. 5. My character walking ...
Send me a ? and my muse will react to finding your muse dead.
Send me a ? for my muse's honest opinion of yours
  • Sweet Dreams:You character falls asleep on mine.
  • Psych!:My character plays a practical joke on yours
  • Baked:Our character baking things together.
  • Rescue:Our character rescue a tiny, stray kitten/puppy from the rain.
  • Movie Night!:Our characters watching television/a movie/Netflix together
  • Teach:Your character teaching mine something
  • Taught:My character taking lessons from yours on something
  • Taken:My character "kidnaps" yours.
Send me "I'm still alive..." to see my muse's reaction to believing yours was dead for six months.
I wanna write feels…
Send me inappropriate anons, make my muse blush, horny, want to have sex with you, anything.
Your character was held down and forced to watch mine mercilessly beaten. How does this scene affect...
Send me "Dearly Departed" to hear the speech my character would give at your character's funeral aft...
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i'm a good writer, seriously! meme
just a simple little thing for you guys to do with me. put a number in my askbox and i’ll answer accordingly. the mission, should you accept it, is to stay positive about your writing and yourself, but to also be fair about your shortcomings. of the fic you’ve written, which are you most...
Here's Some Drabbles:
Leave a “Amuse Me” in my ask, and I will write a funny drabble about my character trying to cheer your up. Leave a “Break Me” in my ask, and I will write an angsty drabble about our characters. Leave a “Call Me” in my ask, and I will write a drabble about my chara...