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mental health awareness creatrs postitforward one year of pif

One year! Post it Forward launched one year ago! You’ve been building a supportive community through your stories about mental illness—and mental wellness—for one whole year. Specifically: 8,500 individual stories in 8,500 posts. You used GIFs, poetry, prose, illustrations, videos, and so many other forms of art for people to look at and realize,  “Hey…I’m not alone.”

To mark the occasion, Post it Forward will post original PIF-themed art from our Creatrs all week long. Got your own story to tell? Tell it through your Tumblr and tag it #postitforward so everyone can find it. You’ll make someone out there realize that, hey, they’re not alone, either.

Here’s how Lala Vicencio (@lalavicencio) is Posting it Forward for Mental Health Awareness.

Happy anniversary, Tumblr.

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My daughter lived more than six years with an incurable disease that filled her head with devils that literally hounded her to death, and sh...
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May is Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Month
(On April 1, 2008, The House of Representatives passed a resolution declaring May as Borderline Personality Disorder awareness month in favor of The National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder (NEA.BPD)). (x) (x)[Sponsored by Representative Tom Davis and Chris Van Hollen].People...
If you want your donations to actually go to autistic people for programs, care and resources, donate either to the Autistic Self-Advocacy Program or the Autism Women’s Network. The money they receive doesn’t go to greedy allistic CEOs or ableist “cures,” but actual beneficia...