• mgif forrest gump moviegif I hate this movie it makes me cry. i dont like feelings man take it away its so damn amazing im not crying theres just dean winchester in my eye ughhsherlock •

"That there is Forrest Gump, coach. Just a local idiot."

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mgif forrest gump moviegif I hate this movie it makes me cry. i dont like feelings man take it away its so damn amazing im not crying theres just dean winchester in my eye
my edits the vampire diaries delena not fair this is just do you cry a lot? im crying right now this way around sire bond suggested by the witch is so cruel i just couldn't even handle it when she was saying it he would have to leave everything behind and never see her again and before that basically compell her to forget about him and stop feelings whatever she feels??? this is not just sad but also very much not fair these are her feelings and this so-called setting free equals taking away any choice she has in the situation the bond exists because she loves him these are HER feelings she owns them i am making myself sad if this shit is ever going to happen im gonna kill myself
1k gifs my gifs otp Ziam ours I WANT TO CRY otp: I thought it was me and you im so sorry about this i just need to let out this energy before school thats why i made this but enjoy??? its hard and fun making this need to filter a lot of thing and i still forgot some important ones i dont even have to invent stuffs coz they make their own little bubbles also if theres like some mistakes here i apologize i forgot lots of things anyways yeah lets have a great year i still hate the tumblr size so this may look bad i need to shut up 2k15 otp: i'll stay with you
gifs fifth harmony camila cabello and this is why i love her so much she literally had this one sided heart to heart conversation to over 9k people live and some people really need this and it's so important and especially the introverted part like thats really important she's always been like that and i dont think thats a trait that really goes away and its not really a bad thing either shes definetly changed so much and you can tell if you look back at xfactor camila theyre so different but its such a good different and its so amazing oh my god LIKE listen she used to not be able to speak up in a room and now shes performing in front of thousands of people this is literally character development at its finest and iTS so ncie to be able to witness it change is inevitable and i always knew she wasnt gonna stay the same im just glad she blossomE D so well its so inspiring shes honestly my favorite person on this whole planet and i think part of the reason why i love her os much and why i favor her is because i relate to her a lot aNywas my mama said i gotta come home right now immediETLLY ITS 5 am i hate ymlselfj bye
when an entire fandom mischaracterizes a character and everyone goes along with it
season 9 dean winchester castiel destiel i have problems my meta pnp it just kills me feel the feels spnccnet season:9 meta:destiel casthewise i think about this line a lot how many things could he have said how open is that question and the way dean doesn't understand why the wquestion makes cas so upset I HAVE A LOT OF DESTIEL FEELINGS RIGHT NOW and this has been begging to be written some times i'll just say to myself... where to cas? to the stars dean winchester.... and start crying
does anyone else ever forget that men aren’t expected to shave their armpits even though they’re so hairy, and then a guy lifts his arms up and you’re actually fucking shocked because you expect there to be skin but instead you’re greeted with 2 fur trappers, 5 families of elk and an ancient civiliz...
self Personal jfashion cult party kei cat ears cpk bright mori or i guess it could be sort of cult party or mori ish if the whole outfit was done and shown i think the top is really nice its was at the bins with stains on it but i got it anyways because it was so nice sorry i dont feel nice about me or like after i look at my face too long i start to get weird about it and i dont recognize myself or something and im like what the heck is this so then i dont feel like posting anything but i think i should anyways just to stay updated maybe i should start being one of those bloggers that hides their face iwht stuff it just trips me out sometimes that im a personl with a physical form and a face and i can have images captured of me and my form and it's just so strange like for some reason then i strat to not like pictures after a while because they mess with my head and reality or somethinglol
Demi Lovato The X Factor don't Let's talk about this moment for minute Like how much this tore me into a thousand different pieces How I felt like I couldn't breathe because I was crying so damn hard Tears were everywhere And so were my feels They were just spilling all over the place And I couldn't stop I went from crying to sobbing to sobbing to crying because this part of the show just had my emotions all kinds of fucked up And then my precious baby Demetria is bawling her eyes out and just no Don't cry bb My heart couldn't take it The pain in Jillian's voice when she was singing killed a part of me She did such a good job though
max Simmons Red vs Blue rvb RoosterTeeth grif rvb1 rvbthings rvbedit im just too lazy to tag this it took SO FUCKIN LONG to make like TWO HOURS LONG this used to take me about 5 min NOT TWO FUCKIN HOURS I HAD TO WAIT FOR 10 MINUTES FOR IT TO FUCKIN CROP now i remember why i dont make gifs anymore im gonna need to transfer all of my files to my other computer and then do a full wipe of this computer because its barely running at this p i can barely use it for anything beyond simple browsing i hate it so fuckin much i just want to make gifs again and NOT have it take half a day and that first gif has text that is just above the second one cause photoshop crashed as i was doing them and it is pissing me the fuck off just like no be even stop it
1k my gifs mine supernatural 2k i miss her Charlie Bradbury spngifs spnedit The Prisoner i dont even like this that much but i havent done anything to honor my baby yet and honestly this was about all i could get through it hurts me to watch her dance now she was the girl who walked on screen and reminded us what it is to be alive its dancing in elevators and its LARPing on your off days i just loved her so much im sorry ignore this and me
game of thrones robb stark richard madden asoiaf jon snow kit harington my gifs2 [SOBBING] and it just makes me so sad this makes me sad :'-( you can just see it in their faces that this moment would be the last time they'll ever see each other im still not over about that red wedding ep and this was so hard to colour omg i hate gloomy-light scenes