• mila kunis my stuff 1000noch you are so ugly it hurts my eyes -kunis •
mila kunis my stuff 1000noch you are so ugly it hurts my eyes

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gifs my prince i love him so much he is so cute you are my everything MY HEART HURTS jimin I CAN'T ;___; Bangtan this is how kissing jimin from the bottom will look like do you feel my pain or do you feel my pain can you imagine just laying on his lap and just starring into each others eyes i am crying a river park jimin is so flipping adorable my precious handsome i love you with all my heart from the core of my soul
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my gifs my stuff Achievement Hunter gavin free ryan haywood rtah rtedit Freewood team love n stuff ryan-themad-king i promised to tag you so here you go! also my internet is so fucking slow today ugh whyy
doctor who Donna Noble journey's end tentoo breaks my heart dwedit or both and that is so sad dw series 4 rtdedit he knows it look at how he says 'no but you are' it's so obvious to him that Donna is special he takes it for granted that everyone knows of course Donna is special how can anyone think anything less? then it hits him it's as obvious to him that she's special that it is obvious to HER that she isnt and then her 'Doctor stop it' because you can see how much it hurts and because i'd probably react the same and also because it hurts to see someone that amazing and wonderful who doesnt think they're worth anything because the person that needs to see it the most is the one person who doesnt see it at all DONNA DESERVES EVERYTHING PROTECT EVERYONE WHO GREW UP WITH A SHITTY MOM OR DAD THAT MADE THEIR KID FEEL WORTHLESS
MY EDIT my stuff danisnotonfire my manip love you in the dark phan edit hope you like it <3 this actually turned out how i wanted so i'm happy someone sign him asap edit: i fixed some proportions are u happy
My art my stuff Jensen Ackles Misha Collins Jared Padalecki spnfanart life is tough supernaturalartistsnet pitting charities against each other is just about the most ridiculous thing i have ever seen lmao even if it doesn't help you personally it helps other people and that's something important why diss something that hurts no one and helps some get through the day
my edits star wars Obi Wan kenobi Anakin Skywalker tpm rots sw edit swedit im so emo starwarsedit FYSW theforcesource stab me in the eyes with a fork it would be less painful than this i cant handle this shit nope
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my gif mine MY EDIT 5sos 5 seconds of summer Ashton Irwin 5sos gif 5 seconds of summer gif ashton irwin gif jbh jet black heart are these ugly if they are tell me ok jet black heart music video jbh music video
* mine tom hiddleston loki hiddlesedit marveledit hiddleston daily slow down you majesty my king your illusions are so yellow-ish excuse me for my ugly coloring
me Illustration art uh shaman witchsona witchsona week is it still witchsona week my eyes are red bc i'm sleep deprived