• mine batman: the animated series batman 5k batman never gave a fuck if you were a man or woman thats why i like him so much betterthankanyebitch •

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mine batman: the animated series batman 5k batman never gave a fuck if you were a man or woman thats why i like him so much
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batman ugh dc bruce wayne jason todd Red Hood cdc so fucking much cgif batman under the red hood cmovies ugh this film makes me cry /so fucking much/ and this gifset made me cry for different reasons dont think im ever gonna do this again if i could even do this again i still dont like this all i can see is flaws posting it now because we're going out for a meal i'll probably reblog later tooo
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mine edits edit naruto oh well itachi uchiha itachi narutographic naruedit narutoall sobs into hands i was rereading those chapters for the sake of a fic for dena and/// here i am sobbing for itachi/// i never make itachi edits so this was also a chance uvu itachi knew he took wrong decisions he knew and was prepared to die as a traitor and most of all i believe he willingly accepted to be konoha's pawn even if it must have been the worst decision he ever made but the words shisui told him helped him assume the role konoha gave him cause he's a pawn and that's it//// for the good of konoha cause imagine the war that would have taken place i'm happy he knew his mistakes and accepted them but like////// itachi is a v complex character who did bad things for the sake of others now that i think about it he must have been a really lonely man no i don't buy the kisame and itachi were really good friends cause even kisame didnt knew much so he knew him but not like ppl say he did and i'm also quoting dena on this sobs
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