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imagine karkat being mean to dirk like he’s mean to dave because karkat assumes all striders are tough and flippant and never give a shit what he thinks but actually dirk has never in his life had anyone actually yell at him so he actually and involuntarily and to everyone’s horror start...
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MY EDIT ugh crossover 10k clear when fandoms collide Ren I'm so sorry NOT REBLOGGED noiz long post DRAMAtical Murder DMMd I am wasting my life Clear (DMMd) noiz (dmmd) Mizuki (dmmd) brooklyn nine nine brooklyn 99 throw me in the garbage midorijima 99 midorijima99 my silly edits boyfriend or dog spoilers: it's both this is my most popular post?! THANKS AOBAMA
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Louis is doing that cute little thing where he tries to hide his giddy smile when he looks at Harry…..