• mine bts my everything byeeeee Bangtan taehyung kim taehyung networkbangtan 9597net IDK WHAT THIS IS OKAY THIS WAS THE PART THAT STUCK OUT TO ME THE MOST HES SO FUCKING HOT OH MY GO DFJSHKBFHJDSFDS THIS WHOLE VID KILLED ME justonetae •
mine bts my everything byeeeee Bangtan taehyung kim taehyung networkbangtan 9597net IDK WHAT THIS IS OKAY THIS WAS THE PART THAT STUCK OUT TO ME THE MOST HES SO FUCKING HOT OH MY GO DFJSHKBFHJDSFDS THIS WHOLE VID KILLED ME

he looks stunning

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my gifs tom hiddleston The Avengers loki avengers Loki Laufeyson avengers gif THIS WAS LITERALLY THE MOST RETARDED SCENE TO COLOUR WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT posting only because i spent so long on it fffffffff someone teach me how to colour i'm looking at you kim
teen top infinite teentop ok done Music Bank edit:gifs warning:long tags just died from screaming my lungs out watching these two groups nam woohyun your thrust is illegal you can get women pregnant by just doing that and oh my fucking secret crush l.joe you cutie 120629 okay teen top seriously impressed me i wasn't expecting them to do this well the first jump was a pity for infinite but everything else was just fine and sexy
! rivergron gif 3 Nayanna so i had to make this idk but the way dianna grabbed naya's arm in yesterday's bts vid gave me intense feelings
* naruto naruto uzumaki you did it i'm cry you are important *manga OH SWEETIE PIE HONEYBUNCH remember when Naruto was all about kids in ninja school Naruto sleeping in the most adorable hat and emptying out his frog wallet SEXY JUTSU drinking off-milk and spending the day on the toilet a doofy kid with goggles with crazy ideas I'm ready to go back to happier times Naruto YOU GUYS I'M SO CRY I'm sorry this edit's crap and I hope it hasn't been overdone I dunno I only just caught up I just really loved that spread ok currently making it a wallpaper
* supernatural dean winchester castiel Jensen Ackles Misha Collins destiel mine: supernatural over 1k otp: the most tragic romance that ever graced the planet this part. i'm gonna be very serious right now on my gif and i'm sorry if a ton of you hate long tags but just omg if you watch this scene. this is the part where castiel confronts both of the boys about WHY he's fighting. he's fighting for freedom for what dean and sam TAUGHT HIM THROUGH THEIR ACTIONS AND BELIEFS. what really hits me is when he says that 'freedom is worth fighting for. i just wanted you to understand that' and then he FUCKING LOOKS AT DEAN. and then we get a freaking extra 5 second shot of them just gazing at each other because they're fighting for each other DAMN IT. GIVING ME ALL THE FEELINGS.
gifs lord of the rings LOTR ugh gifs[2] gif series: lord of the rings this is it do you guys remember that lotr gifset I told you I was working on like two months ago? this is what took me five-freaking-EVER and it wasn't the gif-making that took long it was trying to figure out what to gif I wanted to do more but this has been sitting in my draft box for far too long so this is just part 1 :) I'm probably going to regret this yeah not going to tag everyone
comedy Los Angeles cancer standup tig notaro largo
please ;~~~; welp type: gif whatever man type: mine animanga: naruto my sweet prince omfg what the fuck photoshop you tricked me!!! this was not how fast i wanted it to be this episode does so many things to me and i actually can't watch it in one go uchiha bros for life kishi can you just give them some sort of progress in the next chapter WHY WOULD YOU INTERRUPT ITACHI WHEN HE IS ASKING IF SASUKE IS OKAY I JUST NEED THEM TO TALK character: uchiha sasuke
stop woohyun Dongwoo tears sobs boyfriends screams i will go down with this ship also shrieks jdwgif wEEPS I WAS SERIOUSLY SOBBING AT MY SCREEN WHILE WATCHING OKAY I LOVE THEM SOS MCUC H GKGLM NOT TO MENTION THAT THEY WERE TOGETHER IN A ROOM THAT NIGHT!! AGAIN!!!! bottom middle is going to be my cause of death part of me wishes i was hyun tho tbh MYUNG FUCKING SOO L M F  A O I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING MAKING THESE BCUZ OF FUCKING MYUNGSOO SWINGING FROM ONE SIDE TO THE NEXT THE ENTIRE FUCKING TIME u g h i just i just really love that they always do things like these quietly in the back like for these i cropped because the focus was actually on hoya and gyu? so they're not even doing this for the show? and they often hold hands like this in the back i remember they often did the same during sp ;______________;
holy shit
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