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i know the world doesn’t revolve around me but it kinda does
my mum just asked to see my tumblr dash and i’d just like to thank you all for not posting porn in that short amount of time
when your friends laugh at you in class for not knowing the answer to a “simple question”
i just saw this guy at the bus stop take out his earphones from his pocket and they were all tangled and he sighed deeply and i really feel him on an emotional level
you know what’s annoying, when dentists tell you to keep your mouth open wide yet they try to have a full conversation with you then tell you off when you talk
i swear we only went through like 4 months of 2013
it’s 2014 why can’t i teleport and hug all my internet friends yet
reasons you shouldn’t make comments on peoples appearances: you don’t need reasons just don’t do it
why is homework a thing