• *mine Dream Team Rooster Teeth ryan haywood meg turney *rt rtedit *ryan *meg they're cute and i'm trash i'm so excited for free play this gifset was just a poor excuse to try out the screen recorder in windows 10 (one day later edit: HAHAH MEG SAW THIS HAHAHAH how do i handle that my heart is all fluttery) eightgreatestmistakes •

Got hurt on set yesterday and this guy let me hug him and made sure I was taken care of. All the Meg/Ryan jokes aside, Ryan’s an awesome dude who I’m super grateful to get to host with.

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Rooster Teeth YIKES Achievement Hunter unbelievable ryan haywood let's play gta fake AH crew THIS IS SUCH A FUN STYLE im so in love w the gtaV art so much fun and makes me excited to draw cars? guns?
my gifs my stuff Rooster Teeth ryan haywood rtah rtedit ten little roosters 10lr spoilers i was just waiting for the last episode to finally finish this gifset heh
my gifs my stuff Rooster Teeth Achievement Hunter ryan haywood rtah rtedit i've made like almost 50 gifs of ryan choosing only 10 for one gifset was haaard welp expect some other ryan gifsets in the near future heh
my gifs Rooster Teeth Achievement Hunter gavin free Jack Pattillo ryan haywood rtedit my bloop i'm so fucking sorry for posting gifs literally all the time it's school man
mine RoosterTeeth gavin free michael jones ryan haywood lets play minecraft questionable freewood ?// / ? ? u and i both know i just wanted an excuse for [gavin screaming] no but michael sounds so cute in the monopoly vids bc hes a lil sick and he sounds so sweet
Rooster Teeth Achievement Hunter gavin free Jack Patillo michael jones ray narvaez jr Geoff Ramsey mine: art ryan haywood the doodles turned out a bit cute so i decided to just swing for the fences with the blushes i have very few regrets
my stuff Rooster Teeth burnie burns ryan haywood rtedit mine: rt ten little roosters THIS WAS SO GREAT SORRY ABOUT QUALITY BUT THIS WAS GREAT
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