• mine gifs* tony stark bruce banner two halves of the push to post humanity thehulk •

Shall we play, Doctor? This way, Sir.

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mine gifs* tony stark bruce banner two halves of the push to post humanity
~ tony stark The Avengers bruce banner science bros otp: science bros you two need to sTOP LOOKING AT EACH OTHER LIKE THAT IT'S KILL INGME
mine gifs* tony stark Natasha Romanoff bruce banner marveledit ya but the fact that bruce recognised ultron tho let the guilt party begins
mine quote robert downey jr iron man tony stark rdj The Avengers Captain America Chris Evans Steve Rogers my graphic superhusbands bruce banner mark ruffalo Stony Iron Man 2 The Hulk Iron Man 3 AVENGERS ASSEMBLE science bros science boyfriends Stark Spangled Banner inspired by the supernatural post floating around though this is not as pretty and amazing as it was doctor banner dr banner captain america: the first avengers captain rogers
mine tony stark thor odinson Clint Barton Natasha Romanoff bruce banner Loki Laufeyson mcu my picspams marveledit i like stared at this for a few seconds and decided to change one or two things so here's the updated version
tony stark Steve Rogers Thor loki avengers bruce banner cicada block
mine robert downey jr tony stark rdj The Avengers bruce banner mark ruffalo science bros
tony stark *mine The Avengers Steve Rogers bruce banner bannerisms vengerturtle [forced laughing] hammerheadyak
mine robert downey jr edits* mark ruffalo newedit tonysbanner two halves of the push to post humanity hey johnnie this one's for you babe i dont understand why do i care so much about their friendship their friendhsip gives me life
mine tony stark rdj The Avengers Chris Hemsworth Thor bruce banner mark ruffalo
mine my stuff iron man tony stark Captain America Steve Rogers Thor Marvel thor odinson avengers Clint Barton Hawkeye Natasha Romanoff black widow bruce banner Anthony Stark quicksilver Comic Books The Hulk scarlet witch Wanda Maximoff Falcon Marvel characters long post pietro maximoff sam wilson age of ultron comic book characters
spoilers iron man tony stark avengers hulk bruce banner science bros tony finally made a friend bruce finally made a friend