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doctor who Martha Jones Freema Agyeman dwm nox dw edit martha gets lot of shit people say she spent the whole time pining for the Doctor but can you really choose whom to fall for? and as if the Doctor was completely blameless he strung Martha along she was the rebound girl yes but what a rebound girl she was Martha was what the Doctor needed when Rose left she had brains and convictions she saved the world she also remained loyal to the Doctor despite his treatment of her she became a servant and a soldier even supported him financially by getting a job at a shop he remained by the Doctor’s side even when the Doctor treated her as second best MARTHA FUCKING JONES IS NOT SECOND BEST Martha knew this so she got out she got out because she had self-respect not bec she was so heartbroken never let anyone tell you you’re second best never let anyone treat you like you’re a substitute for someone never let anyone tell you you’re not enough EVEN IF THAT ‘ANYONE’ IS THE DOCTOR HIMSELF my first-ever martha jones edit wow wat is my life
amy poehler rashida jones 1000k gif: amy waht you all saw this one coming they're so closer this year i think i can'ttttt please more pictures/quotes/anythiiiiiing T.T (also please make out eventually gif: rashida
doctor who i love her Martha Jones Freema Agyeman DW meme dwedit YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA martha badass jones so much love for her
1k my gifs mine MY EDIT Emma Swan captain hook Captain Swan killian jones cs graphic ouatedit emmaswanedit hookedit she is loved you don't realize he's baring his heart in front of her in front of her family standing on the edge and saying the words out loud he wants her and he has hope because of her because of who she is she didn't do anything and yet she changed his life she gave him hope to change and to move on to let go of his first love because he has fallen for her so hard and it hurts because he's saying all of this just for her to save her lover he is desotrying his heart and soul for her because he's selfhle and if it's Neal he has no reason to deny her happiness he's in love and he tells her so even if it will kill him and look at Emma's face I love yours only means goodbyes to her a way to make people stay love means pain this kind of love equals pain for
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doctor who David Tennant John Barrowman mygif ten Martha Jones Freema Agyeman season 3 okay captain jack harkness urgh S03E11 why did i write this by katie and this makes me sad i swear to god if people reblog this writing hate about martha jones they need to gtfo martha has spent her whole time travelling with the doctor feeling so mediocre and now he's someone else who is celebrating rose she doesn't hate rose she's just upset cos she can't stop hearing her name and comparing herself to this woman the doctor loves and it hurts her to see that he will never love her or even look at her the way he looks at rose i just want you to know this isn't an anti martha post cos it's not
1k mine once upon a time colin o'donoghue killian jones ouatedit idk idk idk hookedit colinoedit like okay we get it you are model material let's all move on (let's never move on and let's just have a whole episode dedicated to the subtleties of your face) IDEK OKAY THIS WAS THE ONLY PART I COULD GIF because everything else was so weird although i definitely like the more fables-y route they've taken with the nevengers
doctor who mine David Tennant ten Martha Jones Freema Agyeman I love her so much my baby girl so i did it and I miss her rtdedit idk i was in bed and just got up to do it cos im in a martha jones mood she is one of the best characters i've ever seen i think i chose the exactly scenes that i wanted so i'm happy with it idk how someone can not love martha
* spoilers 1000 once upon a time psychagif love of my life ouat ouat spoilers killian jones ouatedit colorporn hookedit BB IS BACK and he was so awesome and handsome skdfjbsdf
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