• You and your friends: Me and my friends: mine has this been done yet DRAMAtical Murder DMMd dmmd anime the animation is shit p1xel8ed •

You and your friends:

Me and my friends:

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You and your friends: Me and my friends:
don’t believe me just
DRAMAtical Murder DMMd dmmd spoilers dmmd anime shushy jazz I CANT BELIEVE THEY MADE HIM HAVE THIS BLUSH SHIT
DRAMAtical Murder DMMd oopsies hope this hasnt been done yet it looks like they are doing the fuckin tango
DRAMAtical Murder PVhttp://dmmd-anime.com/ 
mystuff DRAMAtical Murder DMMd koujaku (dmmd) koujaku (dramatical murder) dmmd anime dramatical murder anime dmmd anime spoilers dramatical anime spoilers
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Koujaku's Unrequited Love
clear !Mine DRAMAtical Murder DMMd Clear (DMMd) dramatical murder anime anime clear is so precious im gonna die i'm actually dead after his episode but okay
my graphic im so excited DRAMAtical Murder DMMd virus (dmmd) trip (dmmd) Aoba (DMMd) Ren (DMMd) Clear (DMMd) noiz (dmmd) Mizuki (dmmd) koujaku (dmmd) mink (dmmd) usui (dmmd) LOOK AT ALL THE BAES
mine* DRAMAtical Murder DMMd Aoba aoba seragaki tae-san dmmd anime this is the egg everyone falls in love with this is  him this is the egg