• mine help Thor loki Odin yeah i have a problem bad parenting odin youvebeen-loki-d •
mine help Thor loki Odin yeah i have a problem bad parenting odin

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mine help Thor loki Odin yeah i have a problem bad parenting odin
mine Thor loki Odin bad parenting odin
mine Thor loki Odin look at my babies :((( sif frigga marveledit Thoredit HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN SINCE THEY SMILED LIKE THAT since he smiled like that I believe it was the LAST time they were genuinely happy especially Thor okay the last gif should be Odin but meh one is enough for the god of bad parenting it's always better to have a loki
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Writting fix-its when Canon is just too awful
mine Thor loki Odin and to sum up my feelings for Odin
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  • Frigga:Young man what do you think you're doing?
  • Loki:Go away, I am trying to take over the mortals.
  • Loki:You're not my real mom!
  • Frigga:Oh really? And who changed your nappies? Who checked under your bed every night for bilgesnapes? Who let you cry on their shoulder for a week after you lost your stuffed puppy?
  • Loki:MooooOOOOooooooom. You are embarrassing me in front of my soon to be peasants.
  • Frigga:No, you are apologizing for the havoc you have caused and are coming home. And don't think I didn't hear what you said to that nice lady. Do I need to wash your mouth out with soap?
  • Loki:Fine! I'm sorry.
  • ...
Chris Hemsworth Thor loki anthony hopkins thorki *mygifs Odin okay guys i'm not going ODIN U OLD BASTARD U DUN LUV LOKI here (because i believe he does) the difference i'm talking about isn't love/no love the difference is that one line serves to destroy loki (intentional or not) and the other tries to save him tries to dissuade him from letting go but in the end the first line wins /sigh/ i'm just disappointed at odin here tbh. YOU COULD HAVE WAITED UNTIL YOUR SONS  WERENT ABOVE A LIFE THREATENING ABYSS???
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mine Thor loki Odin im begging for someone to take this away
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