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Eurovision 2015 – Winner – Sweden: Måns Zelmerlöw, Heroes

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“Måns Zelmerlöw is a homophobe”He has hosted a gay gala in Sweden the year after he performed at the galaI’ll let this speak for itselfandI’m not the number one fan of måns but he’s very supportive of the lgbt community and I can’t see why he would do that if he was a homophobe and I honestly think ...
my post heroes eurovision ESC eurovision sweden eurovision 2015 esc 2015 esc sweden måns zelmerlöw esc heroes I am enjoying this gif making thing I really am should have started years ago
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my gif otheredit eurovision eurovision 2015 mans zelmerlow Mans zelmerlöw tinyoutlaw i just dont know how to tag lol what tags do ppl check??? anyway this was the best of the night this n belgium r so good shit to colour again tho haha pls still reblog me escedit
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the only good thing about ballads is that i can spend the time on tumblr and frantically reblog eurovision posts instead of actually listening
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