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One thing you can always count on is that hearts change”

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a moment of silence for the subtitles on my dvd of howl's moving castle
ah yes tuip-head [seagulls yang] wo! as long as it’s ok OH NO el castillo del Howl en movimiento oh good u ok the d…………. I don’t know how to ll you ? let’s go to the hop ? sophie you don’t need it you already know ...
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mine howl's moving castle studio ghibli otp: it was just a glimpse of you
After just losing Robin Williams, it has come to my attention that we have lost yet another beloved character. We have to say goodbye to the Witch of the Waste. Lauren Bacall September 16, 1924 - August 12, 2014 Take good care of Howl’s heart, okay? You will be missed.
1k howl's moving castle studio ghibli Howls Moving Castle What has the world come to m: edits ghibliedit studioghibliedit has no idea what to tag this as woah look something not httyd finally plucked up my courage and moved out of my comfort zone
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quote howl's moving castle 10k studio ghibli Calcifer 25k studioghibligif mine: howl's moving castle I love calcifer so much i tried being creative by making the subtitles move on the bottom gif but not sure how much i like it though
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gifs Kiki's Delivery Service studio ghibli ughhhh studioghibligif the giffing situation is bad guys my laptop that has ps is really old and kmplayer wasn't updating and i want to download better quality for some of the movies but that laptop is so slow but i don't want to download ps on my new laptop cause idk if i trust the links i've found to be safe plus this laptop has all my notes so it doesn't have a lot of space for movies and tv shows and ps /rambling in the tags
I went to [Tolkien’s] public lectures. They were absolutely appalling. In those days a lecturer could be paid for his entire course ev...
hayao miyazaki howl's moving castle MY EDIT studio ghibli ghibli studioghibligif ghibliedit tmba the clouds are amazing in this scene gonna start doing those meme things which im excited for since ive got lots of scenes in mind